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Manual Healing and Tension Release Therapy Benefits for Dogs

Whether your dog is a companion animal or high performance canine with a job to do, their health and well being is important to you. Keeping them healthy, happy, pain free, their movements easy allows you peace of mind. Tissue tension that will cause the body to perform far less efficiently and become misaligned. By treating this you will help keep your dog(s) working and playing.

The benefits of MHRT to your dog will be predominantly seen in three categories: performance, pain and illness; and natural preventative care.


  • Improved Performance

  • Release of Tension and Stress

  • Improves Attitude and Work Ethic

  • Increases Freedom of Movement

  • Allows Better and Easier Breathing

Pain and Illness

  • Eases General Pain - Acute and Chronic

  • Assists Rehabilitation/Recovery from Illness and Injury

  • Soft Tissue Injury Recovery

  • Releases Lingering Tension from Old Injuries

  • Releases Old Scar Tissue

  • Arthritis Discomfort

Natural Preventative Care

  • Body Balancing to help avoid injury, arthritis and illness

  • Extends Working Careers

  • Assists in Balance

  • Relaxes and Rejuvenates

Even though a dog is able to adapt to injuries and restrictions in the body’s tissues very quickly to assure survival, it will make them less efficient and more prone to break down and injury over time. By treating tissue tension that will cause the body to perform far less efficiently and become misaligned you will help keep your dog playing and working pain and injury-free.