White Willow Therapies, LLC

I offer the following therapies:

  • Manual Healing and Tension Release Therapy – In-depth information listed below.
  • Cranial Therapy - Used to release tension in the skull bones, spinal column and central nervous system.
  • Lymphatic Therapy - Boosts the body's immune system to help fight off illness.
  • Visceral Therapy - A treatment to release tension in the internal organs.

Depending on the nature of the work needed, each session involves a combination of therapies to achieve the best end results.

It is considerate to keep your health care professionals informed of treatment options you’ve chosen for you and your animals. If necessary I will recommend that either you or your animal(s) be seen by a licensed physician or veterinarian before beginning any therapeutic treatments. Travel and evaluation fees are applicable in this event. Thank you for your understanding.


What Is Manual Healing and Tension Release Therapy?


Manual Healing and Tension Release Therapy can be described as a specialized pressure release therapy which completely releases abnormal tension in all tissues of the body to affect permanent change. For a more in-depth explanation, please keep reading.


Manual Healing and Tension Release Therapy (MHTR), was developed by Keith Barbour, D.O.


A Certified Manual Medicine Technician (CMMT) is a therapist trained to use their hands to evaluate and treat hard spots in all the body's tissues. Hard spots are caused by trauma and can be found in muscle, surrounding connective tissue (fascia), bone, internal organs and cranium. A trauma is any kind of physical, mental and emotional stress to the system that negatively affects the body. These hard spots may register as pain, discomfort or tension and cause restricted movement. As the hard spots release, the pain is relieved and freedom of movement is restored.


To facilitate the release of a hard spot an equal and opposite pressure is applied to the tissues. This easing of tissue tension assists the body in returning to its natural state of health and balance. The therapy softens the tissue restrictions down to the bones which allows for longer lasting benefits. The goal is to gently and completely release the hard spot, returning breath and health to the tissues.


This is an indirect type of therapy and it is very gentle to the recipient. The practitioner is not pushing or forcing the tissues to release the tension and restrictions. There are no forceful or high velocity adjustments involved. No pain should be felt by the client and the practitioner will modify their pressure if pain is experienced.