White Willow Therapies, LLC

Erin traveled . to work on my horses and me. My mare absolutely loved the therapy and moved out better than she had in quite a while...she even seemed taller afterwards! I had some work done on my foot that I had broken in January 2008 and felt like I was walking with a rock on my heel. After being worked on, I no longer had that feeling and was able to be on my feet for longer periods of time. H. Stauffer Compass Point Farms, Southern OH


Erin has worked on my horses and dogs since March, 2007, when my stallion was recovering from a back injury. The work that she does complements other body work, ... and my stallion's progress increased dramatically when Erin's work was added to his therapy. His movement is freer and his attitude is much brighter. Erin is very professional . She is very committed to what she does and has spent several hours in a session working on an individual horse. The animals love her. I have one dog that actually begs for therapy when Erin comes. She has also done work on me, and I feel so much better after a session with her. I am telling everyone that will listen about Erin .. Terrie Meyers, Heartwood Arabians, Carleton, MI


"I was in a near death car accident 17 years ago and sustained very traumatic

internal injuries. I looked fine on the outside but my physical and internal pain was
not noticable. Doctors I was seeing relish in the belief "when the broken
bones are healed that you are fine" That's not the case. I could not get anyone to
believe my complaints of pain. Finally there was more public awareness to studies
released that are revealing that tissues in our body have memory and store the
unreleased stress of the body which over any amount of time can weigh on the
already weakend body and compromise the immune system.
     I was referred to a doctor that Erin was working for. I began getting treatments
from this doctor and inbetween my visits with him he wanted Erin to work with me 
for therapy. She has relieved my chronic migraine headache that I have been
walking around with for 17 years, helped with the range of motion in my hip, help
with my breathing, and help release locked emotion and memories (traumatic stress)
that were stored in my tissue. With being closer to proper alignment I am able
to function at a level I thought was gone forever.
     I am so thankful that I met Erin and she has been able to use her God given talent
in this healing field to help me get back to the point of functioning to my full ability,
and to be a productive member in soceity."
Paula - Monroe, Michigan 



Otie-Quarter Horse at Apple Blossom MSU June 2007